Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What Is A Las Vegas Locals Casino?

If you live here long enough you begin to hear about this dichotomy of locals vs. tourist casinos. If you ask me, there is no such thing as a "Locals Casino" in Las Vegas, at least technically. Nobody asks for your Nevada Driver's License to be admitted at the door. Now if you ask me if some casinos cater more to the local market, I would have to answer, "You bet!".

My definition of a Locals Casino is purely from phenomenological reasoning, in "udda verds", I'm guessing! No scientific studies here. In my opinion, a Locals Casino has the following benefits or qualities in various amounts ( feel free to modify this list or add your own ):

1. It's definitely not located on the strip or (usually) even downtown! But it may be a few blocks off the beaten path.

2.They say "hi!" and are "friendlier" and encourage you to be a regular patron (say, of the restaurant or the bar) by remembering you, sometimes by first name (reminiscent of "Cheers").

3. This may be a Las Vegan (not the vegetable type) Urban Legend, but the slots are supposedly looser. Hard for me to prove a higher payback, though -- really hard.

4.If there is a show, you sometimes get discounts (2 for 1's, etc.) as a local.

5. They do not hesitate to cash your personal check, local paycheck, or government check with proper ID. (How nice of them!)

6. They provide special invitations like a New Years' Eve Party for "regulars" ( usually as determined by amount of casino play ).

7. Freely dispense token gifts like mugs and tee shirts to locals with minimal play. These can be re-wrapped as gifts to out of towners!

8. The food deals in the restaurants are better than the "early birds" in Florida!

9. My wife just reminded me of free child care when you gamble... no comment! ( Maybe this is not such a great quality.)

10. And the number 10 quality or benefit is: those postcard mailers from the casino that fill up your mailbox make great book markers!

Best Locals Casinos according to AOL City Guide.


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