Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lucky Seven Vegas Trip Report - Hotel Casino Rating Sites

I could never write a Vegas trip report that would have the same impact as somebody who spends the last few months daydreaming and planning a Vegas vacation, and then flies several hours to get here. Before becoming a "local", I had felt that severe anxiousness and those moments of excitement and longing, looking out of the airplane window at the tiny wonderland of lights below in childlike anticipation. Yes, finally, the plane has touched down in Vegas! You are going to have the best time of your life. You are going to win big at (fill in the blank - Megabucks, a monster hand, a reverse 50K royal flush, a streak at a lucky table, first place at a poker tournament ... ) and make enough to (fill in the blank - pay for the trip, retire , be the next Steve Wynn ... ). You are going to see every show on the strip and eat at every gormet restaurant. You are probably going to feel differently on that flight back home, but that won't stop you from coming back again and again. "Fanatical", but in a good way.

But - I'm always here on the ground. My trip reports would bore anybody to death. Something like: My wife and I got in the car. We drove less than ten miles. We ate at a great 2 for 1 buffet. We played some nickel slots. Well, you get the idea, we are boring!! Forgive me, Father, for I am a "local".

As always I've assembled a list of sites that have at least as part of their nature the uncanny ability to keep you educated, informed, and excited about your next trip to Las Vegas. I've eliminated some of the sites that are too raunchy for this family friendly blog. As always, this list is not in any particular ranking order, and I may have probably missed some gems, so feel free to add your favorites via comments below the post.

1) Las Vegas Trip Reports & LV Talk Discussion Boards - Hundreds of Las Vegas trip reports. Read the Las Vegas trip reports or add you own. For the Vegas fanatic.

2) Destination 360 - This site is very new so cut it some slack, join the forum, and add your own fantastic reports!

3) Wings For Wheels ( Vegas Category ) - Not primarily a travel reporting blog, but Dave & Kim give excellent accounts of their trips to Las Vegas. ( Dave runs a great podcast, too. )

4) Two Way Hard Three Blog & Podcsat - Excellent trip reporting and casino news! and Rate Vegas - Las Vegas Hotel, Casino and Restaurant Reviews

5) Vegas Tripping - features "honest Las Vegas casino and hotel reviews"

6) Valley 702 Las Vegas Locals ForumSome trip reports can be found in this excellent forum.

7) Vegas Hipster - Las Vegas Hotels, Restaurants, Entertainment, Nightclubs and Travel Guide

(Most) Honorable mentions:

8) AOL
Travel Mesage Board
- Not much here, but might be worth checking back

9) Cheapo Vegas

"Complete, funny and honest reviews of all the hotels and casinos. CheapoVegas and Casino Boy pull no punches so you'll know what to expect before, and once you get to Sin City."

10) Vegas For Visitors - The one-stop resource for all your Las Vegas vacation planning needs.


Dave Lifton said...

While I appreciate any link I can get, this is a far better site for Vegas info than mine.

Mercurial Mike said...

...Being ever so humble... :) I just added "Cheapo Vegas", looks like a great site! Looking for more, anyone? Let's make it ten! Thanks, Dave.

Las Vegas said...

Valley 702 forums are gone.

However, you can view 10 different local Las Vegas forums at:

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