Sunday, December 17, 2006

Las Vegas Hotel Carpet Art

Consider the ergonomics of the casino environment. We all know about the lack of clocks (does anybody really care what time it is?), the pumping in of pure oxygen and negative ions, and the free flowing libations. The rest rooms and buffet line are always on the opposite side of the casino from the entrance. Also, the beautiful cocktail waitresses (maybe not necessarily where yours truly hangs out!) and the loud and exciting music, and those flashing lights are all designed to transport you into unreal, dreamy world of the casino, and remove all your inhibitions... and the contents of your wallet... but wait, has anybody ever really checked out the carpeting? Are all those swirling patterns there just to camouflage the stains from spilled drinks?

OK, next time really look down and tell me what is the carpet saying shouting to you? (Please don't shout back!) The carpetting is like a (reverse?) mandala for your subconscious mind - it draws you in briely and then spits you out! You are being told subliminally to get excited (see all the mostly bright, swirling primary colors) but please don't stare too long (go back to concentrating on the games) or you'll get dizzy!

The following gallery is of present and past carpets of major existing and defunct Las Vegas strip properties, please don't stare too long! (Courtesy of Die Is Cast Casino Carpet GallerySite.


Anonymous said...

I was always under the impression that the carpet was designed that way to keep your eyes off the floor. Another trick to make you feel at ease and lose control.

Mercurial Mike said...

I agree! Especially about loosing conrol! And the other unfortunate kinds of loosing. Isn't it great that we can now blame the carpet!

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