Sunday, December 17, 2006

Five Hundy By Midnight - Site Of The Day

My favorite Las Vegas site of the day (or any day), Five Hundy By Midnight, is actually a podcast. I admire anybody that is able to put together a consistently alluring, professionally produced weekly show, especially about my favorite place, Las Vegas! ( Said with all the humility possible from my proud Leo nature, which compels me, as always, to obsessively promote anything that is this "top notch" . )

"Las Vegas podcast about Vegas travel, hotels, gambling, video poker, shows, entertainment, casinos and Las Vegas Strip news. The original Las Vegas podcast."

The first time I listened to the show, I was hooked - just from the opening music and introduction.

Five Hundy By Midnight

You can download each week's episode directly to your computer from the weekly blog entries that summarize each show, or you can subscribe to all the podcasts using a media /podcast player such as iTunes.


Tim said...

Thanks for the kind words about our podcast. We really appreciate it!

Mercurial Mike said...

Thanks Tim, I meant every word. ( BTW, from your latest podcast, I hope that Michele's pnemonia is in check and she's feeling better. My wife was hospitalized two years ago for 10 days with it. Nothing to mess around with. )

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