Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Need For Speed In Las Vegas

The Need For Speed In Las Vegas

I am too old to enjoy the amusement park rides that seem to be everywhere these days. In my youth, growing up in Southeastern Pennsylvania in the fifties there was Hershey and Dorney parks, which had wooden roller coasters so tame compared to the monster rides today. At this stage of my life, my cardiologist definitely would advise against my starting a roller coaster program as part of my daily exercise routine. But for you younger and more resilient people there are so many opportunities in the Vegas area to test your stomach's ability to keep its contents ... well, you know, in your stomach.

Coming up I-15 from California what young dude with a passion for extreme speed can resist stopping at Primm, Nevada to get a good dose (topping at 95 mph) at the Buffalo Bill's Desperado Roller Coaster with its 225-foot first drop and steep decline. I've watched and listened to this coaster in action and I don't believe anybody can avoid some screaming on that first big drop.

If you survived this challenge, then further thrills await you upon arrival at the strip in Las Vegas. The list includes (in no particular order) The Roller Coaster Ride at New York-New York, The Adventure Dome at Circus - Circus, Speed-The Ride at The Sahara, and whatever wonderful rides they have on the top of the Stratosphere (Stratosphere Tower Thrill Rides) that I'll never even see because of my intense fear of heights. If I've missed a favorite thrill ride of yours ( driving your car on I-215 excluded ) I apologize.

Here is a list I have found from the experts at Las Vegas Smart, who seem to know best - Las Vegas Roller Coasters.

I like to do Vegas mostly at ground level when at all possible, and anything over walking speed can put an undue strain on my heart. I sometimes get an up and down feeling at the crap table, but that's a different story.



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