Monday, January 08, 2007

A Cute Vegas Map - Recommended Site Of The Day

They say a picture is worth a thousand words - well, continuing with that logic, a map is worth at least a million words, and cuteness counts! Cute Vegas Map uses innovative technology to present lots of information in a compact form quickly and easily! Bookmark and revisit the Cute Vegas Map site frequently to answer many of your Las Vegas queries, as new features and information about Las Vegas are constantly being added. Your feedback about the site is welcome!

Recommended Vegas site of the day - Cute Vegas Map! - Interactive Map Showing Las Vegas Attractions!

From the site:

"Cutevegasmap uses an exciting new technology developed by Macromedia that makes web browsing easy, fast and fun.

You will notice that our clickable map is highly interactive. You don't get lost in the web site or sit waiting for a new page to load.

Only the information you need is changed - and quickly.

We are excited about this new web site and would like to hear from you."

I am somewhat of a computer geek, and I found this method of presentation to be unique and innovative, avoiding much of the page jumping associated with conventional sites. See if you agree!


PokerProf said...

It's a good start, but not much else. a few years ago I did something similer for South-West Turquoise mines. (If you insist on looking

Anyways, here's my two cents.

1. At the least change the color scheme. Orange and black are harsh for most viewers. White, Blues, Browns - softer colors. Much better would be to have a 3-d rep of the building, perhaps snagged from Google Maps and then the info on the hotels, this really needs to be expanded a bit - including links to direct booking for the rooms at serveal sites with current rooms rates and listing the hotel amenities would be high on my wish list.

Anyways, if this could really be something... who knows.

P.S. You should drop by and add this to my humble links section



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