Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Top Seven Las Vegas Gentlemen's Clubs

Just for fun. Not every body's cup of tea, to be sure, but some of the best "VIP" & men's clubs are right here in Vegas. Visit one just for the "educational" value. Some of these are now in the limelight (Google: "Las Vegas G-string bribe scandal") and Nevada recently instituted some less liberal laws regarding personal "contact" with the patrons (see LA Times article). Can't say that my research has allowed me to determine if things really are any different now. As always, libations usually go along with the entertainment in a classy (read: not sleazy) environment. A gentleman's club - not the typical "topless" or "all nude" place - is for the "gentle man" . You must be of proper age (mostly 21 and over, check each individual listing) and "somewhat sane" - the following are tips from the google answers website on how to behave in a strip club:

There's actually a great book out there, which I own, titled
"Etiquette for Outlaws" by Rob Cohen, and David Wollock
It's a fast-and-easy guide to everything you'd ever want to know
about the unmentionable subjects that occupy our time (including, etiquitte for strip clubs!)

But if you're not interested in shelling out the $10, a few websites will come in handy:

The first is, Ask Men's How To: Behave in Strip Clubs:
(, including such useful bits as 'tip the bouncer,' and 'befriend the DJ,' amongst more helpful tips for dealing with the women;

Second, is a specific-to-Vegas guide, titled simply, 'Strip Club
Etiquette' which is a pretty simple guide to Vegas specific
dos-and-don'ts, including the various dress codes of Clark County
clubs. (

Third, the Strip Club Network
( offers a list of rules that will keep your strip club visit enjoyable and fun, without getting you kicked out. And what better authority, eh?

Finally, Frommer's offers us 9 tips from two strippers. This is a
rather cheeky 'guide' with the suggestions I'd give to anyone,
including 'bathe,' and 'Don't lick us. We're not popsicles.'

Thanks for the fun! I always enjoy questions that tickle my personal curiousity.

This list are seven of the "classier" places, but we all know that one man's dish is another man's disaster. No guarantees, here!

1) Men's Club

Excuse booths just one unique twist at Men's Club Las Vegas Weekly Article - 10/19/2006

2) Treasures

3) Sapphire

4) Olympic Garden

5) Club Paradise

6) Seamless

7) Moon and Playboy Club

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